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Rachit Kaushik (Chief Editor)

He is of Indian Origin, born and brought up in Delhi. He lived in Australia for 7 years and travel around the globe since the age of 19. His experience in Australia and other countries taught him about the behavior, likes and dislikes, culture, customs and living of foreigners. When he came back to India at the age of 27, he then realized the difficulties the foreign tourist has to face when they visit India. A big traveller himself, he then went on to travel India on his own as a foreigner and learnt about the different places and the ways to adapt to them without any hassle. Therefore with his enriched experience as an Indian travelling as a foreigner, he has selected few places in India rather then the usual places, which will make your experience unforgettable and truly astonishing. So come and discover India and Nepal like never before and have a smile on your face when you leave the country.

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