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Leh, can be easily called the heart of Ladakh. It is the biggest and easily accessible city[by air] in the region. Leh is modern in many ways, it does not give a feel of authentic Ladakhi life. Swamped by tourists in peak summer it is a tiny confluence of various cultures. Like we get to meet Tibetian, Italian and Israeli folks their cuisine is readily available everywhere.Having said that it does not feel like other cities in India, it has the peaceful and comforting feeling of Ladakh.

The arid cold desert that lies at a staggering altitude ranging from 9000ft to 25170ft is going to leave you gasping for breath. A Land like no other bound by two ranges – the Great Himalayan Range and The mighty Karakoram Range on the other side, it is a marvel sculpted by wind and water over time. Barren slopes, unbelievably colorful lakes, lofty mountains, impossible climbs, amazing glaciers, striking monasteries set in the most unimaginable settings will draw you into this Land of Endless Discoveries leaving you wanting for more.

Also please note that I would still like to see Ladakh as the remote land of mountains and it's seeming inaccessibility and lack of commercialization is what makes it so special. I hope you do not go there looking for citylife luxuries, coz if you do there will be someone who is listening to you. And soon Ladakh will be another Kerala.

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